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Physics 303 Fall 2017 Schedule

Subject to revision

matlab examples 

week topic/lecture notes
1. Aug 21
 Newton's  laws  lec1.pdf
Vectors and Math review lec2.pdf
Taylor ch. 1

2. Aug 28
Single particle mechanics lec3.pdf
Conservation laws  lec4.pdf 
hw1 solutions  Taylor ch. 2

3. Sept 04
no class Monday (Labor Day)
Systems of particles lec5.pdf (save for later)
hw2 solutions Taylor ch. 3

4. Sept 11
 Newtonian gravity lec6.pdf hw3 solutions     Taylor ch 4

5. Sept 18 Oscillations I damped oscillator  lec7.pdf 
Friday, test 1
hw4 solutions  Taylor ch 5

6. Sept 25
Oscillations II driven oscillator (including electrical oscilations) lec8.pdf 
some simple examples examples1.pdf

7. Oct. 02
Fourier Series lec9.pdf
 note on green's function
Taylor ch 6
hw5 solutions
8. Oct 09
Calculus of Variations I  lec10.pdf
no class Friday (Fall Break)
hw6  solutions
Taylor ch 7
9. Oct 16 Calculus of Variations II lec11.pdf 
The Lagrangian lec12.pdf

10. Oct 23 Conservation laws plus Examples lec13.pdf
Undertermined Multipliers lec14.pdf
hw7 solutions

11. Oct 30
Hamiltonian Dynamics lec15.pdf
Phase Space lec16.pdf
Friday, test 2
hw8  solutions
Taylor ch 13
12. Nov 06
Liouville's Theorem lec17.pdf 
Virial Theorm lec18.pdf
hw9  solutions
13. Nov 13 Nonlinear systems and Chaos I  lec19.pdf
hw10 solutions 
Taylor ch 12

14. Nov 20
Nonlinear systems and Chaos II  lec20.pdf
Nonlinear systems and Chaos III  lec21.pdf
DDP galary of MATLAB plots matlab_gallary.pdf
no class Friday (Thanksgiving)

15. Nov 27
lec22.pdf  universality and scaling

16. Dec 04  lec23 chaos summary (hyperlinked pdf )

17. Dec  11 Final Exam