PHYSICS 491: Fall 2016


Lectures: MWF 1:00-1:50 PandA 184

Recitation: 496 F: 12:00-12:50 PandA 5

    Professor: Michael Gold 

Office hours: Th 3-5, F 12-1, 3-4 (rm 1111 or 131)

TA: Chinni Karthik Reddy

Office hours:  Tu 9:00 am to 11: 00 am (rm 22)

schrodinger speaks

A modern approach to quantum mechanics
by John S Townsend
Publisher: Univ Science Books; 2 edition (February 24, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1891389785
ISBN-13: 978-1891389788

suggested #1
Introduction to quantum mechanics
by David J Griffiths

suggested #2
Introductory quantum mechanics
by Richard L Liboff
also now in paperback

 suggested #3
 Feynman Lectures, Vol. III
A "must read" for every physicist at some point.

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