PHYSICS 500-004 Fall 2003

    Instructor : Michael Gold
Meets Tuesdays 4:00-14:50, Room 5

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory: A Guided Self-Study

Quantum Field theory is the marriage of special relativity and quantum mechanics.  When Dirac wrote down his famous equation, he was trying to invent a quantum mechanics of the relativistic electron, but he got much more than he bargained for-- not a single particle theory, but a new world where electrons (and positrons) are excitations of an underlying quantum field.

This course is intended to be an introduction for students with a solid background in  non-relativistic quantum mechanics.  Necessary elements of special relativity and the Lorentz group will be discussed. The course is intended to be a "guided self-study", working through the first third of the widely used text  "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory", by Peskin and Schroeder .  The book  covers everything a particle experimentalist needs to know and more (for the theorists) in a thoroughly modern presentation. The first five chapters will bring us to the elementary processes of quantum electrodynamics.  We will also invite guest lecturers from both inside and outside the department.

worked problems on L.T. and spinors

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