Fall 2011

T.R. 12:30-13:45, Room 1131

Professor Michael Gold

Grader:  Xuefeng Zhang

  The course is meant to be a continuation of physics 450: Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics.  In practice I will be responsive to the needs of the students.

Schedule: including reading, lecture notes, homework assignments, solutions
  Required Text: 
    * Quarks and Leptons: An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics by Francis Halzen and Alan D. Martin

Suggested Texts:
    * Introduction to Elementary Particles  by Physics Griffiths
    * Introcuction to High Energy Physics Donald Perkins
    * The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics by Gerson Goldhaber and Robert Cahn
Griffiths has much of the same material at a similar level.  Perkins is more phenomenological.  Goldhaber and Cahn
present the crucial experimental findings and reprint original groundbreaking papers.