This class will use 3 digit ID numbers. This 3 digit ID will be use to identify students for exams, iClickers, homework and grade postings.

Step 1: Get a three digit ID and register your iClicker at UNM Physics.

After you have acquired an iClicker, go to the following site to get your 3 digit ID:
iClicker-> 3 digit
This is the only time you will use your banner ID. If you forget your 3 digit, the bottom part of this page can be used to retreive it.

Step 2: Register your iClicker at iClicker's website

After UNM Physics registration, you will have the option "Click here to register your iClicker now," which will take you to the iClicker web site. You can also go directly from this link:
Register on iClicker site
When registering here, use your 3 digit as the "Student ID"

Step 3: Register at Mastering Physics

Go to Mastering Physics. Click "New Students." You will need an "access code." If you bought your book new, it should have come with an access code. If you bought a used book, you will have to buy an access code, which you can do online at this point. Yes, this will cost you money. No, there isn't a way around it. Our book is "University Physics", 12th Ed., Young & Freedman. When registering, use the class ID "MPLIDKE2009". Use your 3 digit ID as your student ID.