Extra Credit #1

You may do any or all problems. All problems must be in a single *.m file. You may need additional files for functions or class definitions. Make a separate block in the code for each problem. Do not submit individual files for each problem.


Problem 1 (1 Point)

Create a class that uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate random numbers from a uniform distribution on 0 to 1. You must code your own algorithm. Credit requires clear annotation.

Problem 2 (1 Point)

Use the RK4 ODE solver and Newtonian gravity to simulate the motion of the sun and all planets in the solar system for one Jupiter year. Start with the current positions of the planets. Include the forces between planets. Credit requires clear annotation.

Problem 3 (1 Point)

Submit an *.m file showing how you used MATLAB to help solve a howework problem in one of your other classes this semester. In the comments, give the class information and homework due date. Credit requires clear annotation.