Homework #10

All problems must be in a single *.m file. You may need additional files for functions or class definitions. Make a separate block in the code for each problem. Do not submit individual files for each problem. See previous solutions.


Problem 1 (2 Points)

Revisit the noisy data set of HW9, problem #3. This time, use MCMC to estimate the slope and offset and to find the standard error of each. Plot the chain produced. Also plot the model from your found parameters on top of the noisy data.

Problem 2 (1 Point)

Create an article style document using latex. Use any program you like to do this. The document should describe your approach to problem #1 and include at least one figure that you generated in problem #1. Submit both your *.tex file and a final PDF file of your document.

Problem 3 (1 Point)

Make a small code in Python that performs some interesting task. The content is of your choosing but comment your code well to describe what you are doing. Submit your *.py file. The code should run without error in a Python v3 shell.