Lecture: Monday 13:00-13:50 Physics Room 5

Lab Section 1: Monday 14:00-16:50 Physics Room 133/116

Lab Section 2: Wednesday 14:20-17:10 Physics Room 133/116

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1140, Physics and Astronomy
e-mail: klidke@unm.edu
phone: (505)277-0302

Teaching Assistant: Debra Cox

e-mail: dcox1@unm.edu

You must accomplish 6 the laboratories listed below. The oscilloscope lab is mandatory. Three labs must be written up as formal reports. See below for lab report guidelines.

The lab guides accompanying each lab below are to be used as a resource. After reading the guide, each group will discuss a plan of action for the lab with the instructor or TA before beginning each experiment.

The Oscilloscope

The Ratio e/m for Electrons

Electron Diffraction

Balmer Series

Planck's Constant

Excitation and Ionization Energies of Neon

Electron Spin Resonance

Poisson Statistics

Mass of the Electron

The Speed of Light c

Charge of the Electron

Appendix A: General References
Appendix B: Tables
Appendix C: Energy Levels in helium
Appendix D: Determination of the rest-mass energy of the electron
Appendix E: Interactions of Electrons and Photons with Matter
Appendix F: Radiation Dosages

The above guides and appendices are extracts from Prof. Michael Gold's guide for 307L. The entire document is here: 307LManaul

Homework Assignments

Homework #1 Due October 24.

Homework #2 Lab report #2 reviews. Due November 7.

Lab Report Due Dates

Lab report #1 is due Sept. 26. Submit by email a word or PDF file. Revisions are due on Monday, Oct 15 or Wednesday, Oct 17 (your lab class day) by the end of the day. Submit by email a word or PDF file. Here is an example report from a past student. Example Report. You can also see published physics papers at Physical Review Letters, other APS physics journals and many other places.

Lab report #2: First due date is Nov. 1. Submit a PDF file by email. Use the 307 Lab Report #2 as the subject. Use your last name as the start of the name of your PDF file (e.g. Lidke_MuonDecay.pdf). I will immediately sort papers out for each of you to review someone else's paper. Your comments are due to me Nov. 7. The final revision that will be given a grade is due Nov. 14.

Lab report #3: Due Dec. 7. Submit a PDF file by email. Use the 307 Lab Report #3 as the subject. Use your last name as the start of the name of your PDF file (e.g. Lidke_MuonDecay.pdf). Also submit your lab book on or before Dec. 7. You can bring your lab book to my office or put it in my mailbox in the mail room.


Grades will be assigned based on the following:

Notebooks and performance (20%)

You must keep a detailed lab notebook, independent of your lab partner. You will also be graded on your methodology, knowledge of the equipment and problem solving skills as demonstrated in the lab.

Lab reports (60%)

You are required to submit three formal lab reports. These reports are due two weeks after the completion of the laboratory portion in class. Discuss with the instructor to decide which lab reports you will write up. Please read and follow the Guide for Lab Reports.pdf
for lab reports. Lab reports must be typed with figures included in the report as for submission to a professional journal. If necessary, hand drawings may be scanned and included.

Homework (10%)

A few exercises in statistical analysis and parameter estimation will be given throughout the semester.

Final oral presentation (10%)

During the last week of class, each student will present one of his/her written labs as a talk to the class.

Reference Material

MATLAB Examples

UNM Matlab Download/Install
guideExample.m guideExample.fig



NI-VISA National Instruments Virtual Instrument Software Architecture. NI-VISA includes the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer.

http://labjack.com/support/u3/users-guide/4 "

http://www.cplusplus.com "

http://www.cprogramming.com "

Spectrum Techniques "

Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty

Periodic Table of the Elements

Table of Isotopes

TEK Application notes for oscilloscopes


Physcial Reference Data (NIST) Wolfram integrals 

Physical Review

LANL preprint archive

www.mathtools.net collection of software including matlab

GNU freeware statistics tools for matlab

LBNL Isotopes Data

The Art of Scientific Presentation

Dazzle 'em with Style: The Art of Oral Scientific Presentation

IGERT Seminar Evaluation Summary