UNM Physics 330
Spring 2007

Instructor: Dr. Keith Lidke

Room 1164, Physics and Astronomy
e-mail: klidke@unm.edu
phone: (505)277-0302
Office Hours: 11:00 - 11:50 MWF room 1164

Teaching Assistant: Xiaomo Jing

Textbook:  Modern Physics from alpha to Z0, Rohlf, ISBN 0-471-57270-5,  John Wiley & Sons, 1994.


Homework is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday

Class Schedule

Week ofTopic, lecture notesAssignments, etc
1Jan 15Review of Relativity, sections 4.1-4.3 lecture 1 Probability Distributions, section 2.1 lecture 2 Homework#1 solutions
2Jan 22Particles as Waves, Fourier Analysis sections 5.1,5.3,5.4 lecture 3 Wave Packets, Uncertainty Principle, section 5.4,5.5 lecture 4 Schrodinger Eq, particle in a box: sec 7.1,7.2 lecture 5 Homework#2 solutions
3Jan 29Finite Square Well 1:section 7.3 lecture 6 , lecture 7 Tunneling, Harmonic Oscillator, 3D Schrodinger eq. sections 7.4-7.6 lecture 8 Homework#3 solutions
4Feb 5 Example Exam 1 Exam 1: Friday Feb. 9 Exam 1 Solutions
5Feb 12Hydrogen Atom, sections 8.1 lecture 9 Hydrogen Atom,Separation of variables, 3 quantum numbers sections 8.2,8.3 lecture 10 Angular Momemtum, section 8.4 lecture 11 Homework#4 solutions
6Feb 19Total Angular Momemtum, sections 8.5,8.6 lecture 12 Zeeman, Paschen-Back, section 8.8 lecture 13 Lamb shift, sections 8.9 lecture 14 Homework#5 solutions
7Feb 26Multi-electron atoms, sections 9.1,9.2,9.3 lecture 15 Angular momentum coupling, external fields, sections 9.4,9.5,9.6 lecture 16-17 Homework#6 solutions
8Mar 5 Example Exam 1 H2,NaCl molecule, molecular vibrations/rotations: 10.1,10.2,10.3 lecture 18
9Mar 12Spring Recess
10Mar 19Exam 2: Wed. March 21. Electronic,Vibrational,Rotation spectra, absoption by water, CN gas lectures 19-20 Exam 2 Solutions
11Mar 26Rutherford scattering, sections 6.1-6.4 lectures 21-22 Scattering Calculations lecture 23 Homework#7 solutions
12April 2The neutron, liquid drop model sections 11.1-11.3 lecture 24 Shell Model, Nuclear Decays, sections 11.3-11.4 lecture 25 sections 11.5, 11.6, 11.8 lecture 26 Homework#8 solutions
13April 9Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution, Density of States 2.3,2.4 lecture 27 Example Exam 3 Example Exam 3 Solutions Homework#9 solutions Exam 3 Solutions
14April 16Quantum Statistics, Phase Space Chapter 12, Bose Einstein Condensation lectures 28-30 Homework#10 solutions Rohlf12-10.xls
15April 23Chapter 13: Lasers Lasers Chapter 14: Conductors, Semiconductors Semiconductors Homework#11 solutions
16April 30 Standard Model Chart   Standard Model lecture 1   Standard model lecture 2   One page explanations of Higgs Suggested Problems: 17.2, 17.13, 17.16, 17.17,
18.1, 18.6, 18.9 (not to be handed in!)
17May 5Review Session: Monday, class time. Final Exam: Friday May 11, 10:00am-12:00pm
See below for Final Exam Details
Finals Week

HW 5.14 hint: find L1, L2 using right triangles. Use binomial expansion: (1+x)^a =~ 1+a*x when x<<1

Exam Rules: No calculator or other electronics allowed. You may bring one sheet (8.5x11") of notes front/back. I will provide paper for the exam.

Some links to neat wave/wave packet simulations:
Gives control of group velocity and speed
Allows you to add functions together to create wave packets
movies show wave packets with various combinations of phase and group velocity.

Hyperphysics: Short descriptions of many topics in physics Hyperphysics
Example: Shell model of the nucleus

My matlab code for calculating binding energies and Weizaecker formula.

Final Exam:

Friday May 11, 10:00am-12:00pm Room 184
Comprehensive Exam: 50% past material 50% new material since last Exam
Two pages of notes are allowed.
No calculators or other electronics
I will supply tests and blank paper.