Meets Thursday 9:00-10:00 Physics Room 1131

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1140, Physics and Astronomy
phone: (505)277-0302


The format will be one ~ 30 minute presentation per week of either a research report or a journal paper presentation. Topics will be any aspect of fluorescence super-resolution imaging, single particle tracking, single molecule imaging or spectral imaging. After the contributed talk, I will discuss topics in computing/programming related to the work in my lab. Topics will include object oriented programming in Matlab, generating Matlab mex files, instrument control, using Microsoft Visual Studio, and GPU programming using NVIDIA's CUDA. We may also have a few full-hour talks by external speakers during the semester.

Registration is not required for attendance or participation, but please register if you can.


Credit for the seminar requires attendance and one research or journal presentation.

Fall Semester Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Compute Topic
20-Aug Organizational Meeting
27-Aug Dr. Marjolein Meddens Journal Presentation: "Quantifying and Optimizing Single-Molecule Switching Nanoscopy at High Speeds" Introduction to OOP in MATLAB
3-September Dr. Sheng Liu, Dr. Michael Wester, Farzin Farzam Research Presentation: Phase retrieval and Point Spread Function calculations. None (Lidke Absence)
10-September Peter Relich "Estimation of the Diffusion Constant" Advanced concepts in OOP in MATLAB
17-September Farzin Farzam "Radial Polarization for Imaging / Isotropic TIRF Imaging" Instrumentation Abstract class; GUI elements.
24-September Dr. Mark Olah Introduction to the c-language NA
1-October Mohamad Fazel "RJMCMC for Multiple Fluorophore Fitting." Introduction to Visual Studio
8-October All Lidke Lab Show and tell about instrument control codes. NA
15-October Sheng Liu, Farzin Farzam, Marjolein Meddens, Peter Relich Journal Presentation: "Extended-resolution structured illumination imaging of endocytic and cytoskeletal dynamics" None
22-October Genevieve Phillips Journal Presentation: "Cyanine fluorophore derivatives with enhanced photostability" Compiling MATLAB mex files.
29-October Hanieh Farsibaf "High-Speed Single Particle Tracking" Survey for new SR codes.
5-November Peter Relich "Single Image Gain Estimation" Compiling MATLAB mex files in Visual Studio
12-November Mohamad Fazel Journal Presentation: "FALCON: fast and unbiased reconstruction of high-density super-resolution microscopy data" Control code updates
19-November Dr. Mark Olah "Detecting particle interactions in 2-color and hyperspectral single particle tracking" Working with SDKs
3-December Dr. Sheng Liu Research Presentation TBD
10-December Marjolein Meddens Research Presentation TBD