Meets Thursday 9:00-10:00 Physics Room 1131

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1140, Physics and Astronomy
phone: (505)277-0302


The format will be one presentation per week either a research report or a journal paper presentation. Topics will be any aspect of fluorescence super-resolution imaging, single particle tracking, single molecule imaging or spectral imaging. We may also have a few full-hour talks by external speakers during the semester.

Registration is not required for attendance or participation, but please register if you can.


Credit for the seminar requires attendance and one research or journal presentation.

Fall Semester Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
15-Jan Organizational Meeting

22-Jan Dr. Mark Olah "Markov-chain Monte Carlo Methods for localization of point emitters in line-scanning fluorescence microscopy"

29-Jan Peter Relich Journal Article: Automated multidimensional single molecule fluorescence microscopy feature detection and tracking

5-Feb Dr. Marjolein Meddens
Dr. Christopher Valley
BPS Meeting Preview: Practice talks and Preview. All attendees of the BPS meeting should bring a list of their top 5 most interesting and relevant abstracts.

12-Feb No Meeting

17-Feb BPS re-cap
All attendees will give ~ 5 min summaries on two of their favourite talks or posters. We will communicate by e-mail to prevent repeats.

24-Feb Farzin Farzam Journal Article: Structural analysis of herpes simplex virus by optical super-resolution imaging

5-March Dr. Sheng Liu "A home-made microscope for sequential super-resolution imaging"

12-March Spring Break

19-March Dr. Marjolein Meddens Reflected beam light-sheet microscopy for whole-cell 3D super-resolution imaging

26-March Peter Relich Gain Estimation from Single Images

2-April Dr. Mark Olah Robust Particle Tracking

9-April Farzin Farzam
Dr. Marjolein Meddens
Sequential Imaging of Nups and Clathrin
Report on FOM 2015

16-April Peter Relich Journal Presentation

23-April Hannieh Farsibaf, Mohamadreza Fazel Short Research Presentations

30-April Dr. Sheng Liu Journal Presentation