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ICDC (Intra-Cavity Dispersion Calculator)


notes: i) current version supports only UV Fused Silica as prism material, ii) third-order dispersion calculation is absent, iii) propagation through prisms is assumed to be at minimum deviation angle


Central wavelength Center wavelength (in nanometers) about which the pulse bandwidth is centered
Radius of curvature of mirrors (M1) M1 mirrors are shown on the diagram, typical value 10 centimeters
Crystal path length crystal thickness in millimeters through which pulse has to propagate
Tip-to-tip separation refers to prism pair separation (P1's on the diagram)
Total(4) path through total pathlength pulse propagates through prism material in one roundtrip (4 passes)


alpha cavity angle (see diagram) for astigmatism compensation
Net GVD Sum of group velocity dispersion [fs2] (GVD) through crystal and prisms. To include intra-cavity mirrors, add this result to GVD values from mirror catalog.

If you are interested in Flash, I found these tutorials to be helpful.

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