UNM Physics 262: General Physics III

Optics, Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics

MWF 12:00 Regner Hall room 103

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1164, Physics and Astronomy
e-mail: klidke@unm.edu
phone: (505)277-0302
Office Hours: M 3-4pm, Regner 114, T R 10:00-11:00 PandA 1164, by appointment, or any time you can catch me around PandA.

Teaching Assistant: Zhou Yang
TA Office hour: 10:00 am, outside Regner 109

Physics 267, the accompanying problems class will be held in Regner Hall room 114, M 14:00


University Physics, 12th Ed., Young & Freedman

Special Relativity, Ohanian



Electromagnetic waves

Wave equation and Maxwell's equations (YF 32.1-5)
EM wave equation, Poynting vector (YF 32.1-5)
Reflection, refraction, dispersion, polarization, scattering, Huygen's Principle (YF 33.1-7)

Geometric and Physical Optics

Mirrors, images, reflecting surfaces, thin lenses, optical instruments (YF 34.1-8)
Interference, diffraction, holography (YF 35.1-5, 36.1-8)

Special relativity

Reference frames, Galilean relativity, experimental contradictions (OH 1.1-7)
Einstein's postulates, synchronization, spacetime diagrams (OH 2.1-3)
Spacetime interval, Lorentz transformation, kinematics (OH 2.3-6)
Time dilation, relativistic Doppler shift, length contraction (OH 3.1-4)
Twin paradox, pole-in-barn paradox, other paradoxes (OH 3.5-6)
Electromagnetism in relativity (OH 6.1-4)

Quantum mechanics

Line spectra, blackbody radiation, photoelectric effect, Compton scattering (YF 38.1,3,8,2,7)
de Broglie wavelength, electron diffraction, Rutherford atom, double-slit experiment, Bell inequalities and entanglement (YF 39.1,2,38.4,9,39.3)
The Schroedinger equation, wells, barriers, oscillators (YF 39.5,40.1-4)
H atom, angular momentum, Zeeman effect, spin, (YF 41.1-3)

Prerequisites and corequisites

Prerequisite: Physics 161. Pre- or co-requisite: Math 264.


There will be four exams, three exams throughout the semester and a final exam. Each exam will contribute 25% to the final grade, with the lowest exam score dropped. The final exam will be a comprehensive exam. No make up exams will be offered. The remaing 25% of the grade will be Homework 15% and iClicker in class quizes 10%. Grades will be based on a curve where the class average will be a high C+. Grades will be posted using the three digit number generated when you register your iClicker.

Problem sets

Homework assigmments and due dates will be given in class and posted on this website. Assignments will be both Mastering Physics (MP) and written. You must register for a MP account. Our class ID is MPLIDKE51694. Solutions to non-MP problem sets will be posted to this website. MP grading policy: 6 attempts per question are allowed, no deduction for opening a hint. Credit is reduced 10% for each hour past the deadline. Incorrect answers give a 3% penalty or 100%/(number of answers) for T/F, multiple choice.

iClicker quizzes

Responses credited 0/1/2 points for no/incorrect/correct answer. I will ask 5 to 10 questions each day on material from previous lectures, preparatory reading, and presented material. iClickers must be registered before class on Wednesday, Sep. 3; points credited from then forward. CPS technical assistance available from Cathy Webster (webster@unm.edu). You must register your iClicker our PandA site, which will also take you to the iClicker site where you must also register your iClicker.

Class Schedule

WeekDateTopic, lecture notesAssignments, etc
1Aug. 25Review of the wave equation (Y&F 32)
1Aug. 27E&M Review, EM Waves from Maxwell's Equations (Y&F 32) MP2 Due 12:00 pm, Aug. 29*
1Aug. 29Energy and Momentum in EM Waves (Y&F 32)
2Sep. 3Standing EM Waves (Y&F 32), Reflection and Refraction (Y&F 33) MP3 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 5*
2Sep. 5Total Internal Reflection, Polarization, Huygens's Principle (Y&F 33) MP4 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 8*
3Sep. 8Polarization (Y&F 33) MP5 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 10*
3Sep. 10Circular and Elliptical Polarization, Birefringence, Intro to Geometrical Optics (Y&F 33,34) MP6 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 12*
3Sep. 12Reflection and Refraction at Spherical Surfaces (Y&F 34) MP7 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 15
4Sep. 15Thin Lens equation (Y&F 34) MP8 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 17
4Sep. 17Cameras, Microscopes, Telescopes(Y&F 34) MP9 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 19
4Sep. 19Telescopes(Y&F 34) Introduction to Physical Optics(Y&F 35) MP10 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 22
5Sep. 22Two Slit Interference, Amplitudes and Intensities(Y&F 35) MP11 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 24
5Sep. 24Thin Film Interference, The Interferometer(Y&F 35) MP12 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 26
5Sep. 26Single/Multiple Slit Diffraction(Y&F 36) MP13 Due 9:00 pm, Sep. 29
6Sep. 29X-ray Diffraction, Circular Aperatures(Y&F 36) MP14 Due 9:00 pm, Oct. 1
6Oct. 1Review, Problem Solving(Y&F 36)
6Oct. 3Exam 1 (Y&F 32-36) Suggested Practice Problems are listed on the MP site. Example Solutions
5 step Problem Solving and Exam 1 Rules
External Link: A Logical Problem Solving Strategy
Exam 1 Solutions
7Oct. 6Spacetime Diagrams, Galilean Transformations(Oh. 1.1-1.4)
7Oct. 8The Michelson-Morley Experiment(Oh. 1.5)
7Oct. 10Principle of Relativiy and Minkoski Diagrams (Oh. 2.1-2.3) Homework 15 / Solutions
8Oct. 13Lorentz Transformations (Oh. 2.4)
8Oct. 15Lorentz Transformations, Time Dilation (Oh. 2.4,3.1)
9Oct. 20Time Dilation, Length Contraction (Oh. 3.1,3.3) Description of the muon experiment
9Oct. 22Paradoxes, Doppler Shift(Oh. 3.2,3.5,3.6) Homework 16 Solutions
9Oct. 24Example of time-dilation/length contraction. Doppler Shift(Oh. 3.1,3.2,3.4)
9Oct. 27Doppler Shift, Relativity & EM. (Oh.,3.2,6.1)
9Oct. 29Relativistic Momementum, Relativity & EM. (Oh. 4.1, 4.2, 6.1-6.4) Homework 17 Solutions
9Oct. 31Relativity & EM., General Relativity (Oh. 6.1-6.4,7.1)
10Nov. 3General Relativity (Oh. 7.2-7.4)
10Nov. 5Review
10Nov. 7Exam 2Exam 2 Practice Exam Exam 2 Solutions
11Nov. 10Photoelectric Effect, Photons(Y&F 38)
11Nov. 12Line Spectra, Blackbody Radiation(Y&F 38)MP18 Due 9:00 pm, Nov. 14
11Nov. 14The Rutherford atom and the Bohr model (Y&F 38)MP19 Due 9:00 pm, Nov. 17
12Nov. 17Lasers(Y&F 38)
12Nov. 19X-rays generation,Compton Scattering,Wave Particle Duality, De Broglie waves(Y&F 38,39) Homework 20 Solutions
12Nov. 21De Broglie waves,Electron Diffraction(Y&F 38,39)
13Nov. 24The Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger Eq., Wave packets(Y&F 39,40)
13Nov. 26Potential Wells, Tunneling (Y&F 40) Homework 21 Solutions
13Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Break
14Dec. 1Tunneling,The Harmonic Oscillator, The Hydrogen Atom (Y&F 40,41) Some comments about the Finite Square Well
14Dec. 3Quantization of Angular Momentum (Y&F 41)
14Dec. 5Exam 3 Moved to Monday! Exclusion Principle, Multi-electron atoms, Selection Rules (Y&F 41)
15Dec. 8Exam 3 (Y&F 38-40) Suggested Practice Problems are listed on the MP site. Exam 3 Solutions
15Dec. 10Central Field Approximation, Selection Rules (Y&F 41)MP22 Due 9:00 pm, Dec. 17
15Dec. 12Outstanding problems in physics, final exam review, IDEA forms.
16Dec. 19Final Exam 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
*MP Homework Due date extended to 9pm, Sept 15.

Grade summary Final Grades.

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