Meets Tuesday,Thursday 14:00-16:50 Physics Room 5, 116

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1164, Physics and Astronomy
phone: (505)277-0302

Teaching Assistant: Mohammadreza Ghasemkhani


You must accomplish 4 out of these 5 laboratories. Labs 1 and 2 are mandatory.

LAB 1: Mechanical Practices in Experimental Sciences

LAB 2: Experiments in Nuclear Physics

LAB 3: Speed Measurement by Optical Technique

LAB 5: Holographic Interferometry

LAB 6: Double Slit Diffraction of Single Photons

Technical Notes

Homework Assignments

Homework #1

Homework #2


The safety document that students must sign before working in the lab.
Laser Safety


Grades will be assigned based on the following:

Notebooks and performance (20%)

You must keep a detailed lab notebook, independent of your lab partner. You will also be graded on your methodology, knowledge of the equipment and problem solving skills as demonstrated in the lab.

Lab reports (50%)

You are required to submit a lab report for labs 2,3 and 4. These reports are due two weeks after the completion of the laboratory portion in class.Please read and follow the guidelines for lab reports. Lab reports must be typed with figures included in the report as for submission to a professional journal. If necessary, hand drawings may be scanned and included.

Final oral presentation (20%)

During the last week of class, each student will present one of his/her written labs as a talk to the class.

Homework (10%)

A few exercises in statistical analysis and parameter estimation will be given throughout the semester.

Reference Material

MATLAB Examples



Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty

Periodic Table of the Elements

Table of Isotopes

TEK Application notes for oscilloscopes


Physcial Reference Data (NIST) Wolfram integrals 

Physical Review

LANL preprint archive collection of software including matlab

GNU freeware statistics tools for matlab

LBNL Isotopes Data

The Art of Scientific Presentation

Dazzle 'em with Style: The Art of Oral Scientific Presentation

IGERT Seminar Evaluation Summary