STMC Resources

The K.A. Lidke lab also serves as the ‘Super-Resolution and Image Analysis Technology Core’ for The New Mexico Center for SpatioTemopral Imaging (STMC).


Use of the lab resources are accomplished with a collaborative model.  STMC members are free to use the resources for STMC related projects or to acquire preliminary data. For new or long term projects, we ask to be included in new grants.  A typical scenario is that a graduate student or post-doc from the project PI’s lab will be trained to use the microscope and be allowed to schedule time on the microscope and work in the lab with light supervision.  Please contact Dr. Lidke to discuss details. 

For training and day-to-day support on the microscopes, please contact our STMC SR-Core manager and staff scientist, Dr. Sheng Liu.

Publications must include an acknowledgement to NIH/NIGMS 5P50GM085273-05.