UNM Physics 262: General Physics III

MWF 12:00-12:50 Regner Hall, room 103

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1164, Physics and Astronomy
e-mail: klidke@unm.edu
phone: (505)277-0302
Office Hours: M 13:00-14:00 RH 109; W 14:00-15:00 PandA 1164; by appointment; or any time you can catch me around PandA or after class.

Teaching Assistant: TBD

Physics 267, the accompanying problems class, will be held M 14:00-14:50 in RH 114.


University Physics, 12th Ed., Young & Freedman

Special Relativity, Ohanian


Course Contents

Electromagnetic and other Waves

The wave equation from Maxwell's equations and a review of general wave behavior. Poynting vector, polarization, refractive index, reflection and refraction.

Geometrical and Physical Optics

Mirrors and refracting surfaces, thin lenses, images, and the eye. Interference, diffraction, coherence and resolving criteria.

Special Relativity

Experiments on the speed of light. The principle of relativity, simultaneity, time dilation and length contraction. Lorentz transforms and velocity transformations. Various paradoxes, space-time diagrams and the Doppler effect. Relativistic momentum and energy, 4-vectors, co-moving frames and motion with constant acceleration.

Introduction to Quantum Theory

Blackbody radiation, photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, de Broglie waves. Uncertainty principle, Experimental basis for atomic nuclei; hydrogen spectrum: Bohr model Schrodinger equation; complex amplitudes, probability interpretation; Stern-Gerlach experiment; basis for spin; bosons and fermions.


There will be four exams: three exams throughout the semester and a final exam. Each exam will contribute 25% to the final grade with the lowest exam score dropped. The final exam will be a comprehensive exam. No make up exams will be offered. Exam scores will be 'renormalized' by adding (100-highest score) to each exam. 15% of the grade will be from homework assignments. 10% of the grade will be from iClicker quizzes and responses. No form of cheating will be tolerated. Grades will be determined using this grading scale.


Homework assignments and due dates will be given in class and posted on this website. Assignments will be both Mastering Physics (MP) and written. Solutions to non-MP problem sets will be posted to this website. MP grading policy: no limit on attempts per question, no deduction for opening a hint. Credit is reduced 10% for each hour past the deadline. Incorrect answers give a 3% penalty or 100%/(number of answers) for T/F, multiple choice.

iClicker quizzes and class participation

At the beginning of each class, one or two basic conceptual questions will be asked covering the material from the reading assignment. Responses to these 'quizzes' are credited 0/1/2 points for no/incorrect/correct answer. Other responses throughout the class period will be credited 1 point for each response. iClickers must be registered before class on Monday, August 31. iClicker technical assistance available from Cathy Webster (webster@unm.edu).

How to get your 3 Digit ID and register with MP and iClicker


After each lecture, I will post the topics and reading assignment to be covered in the next lecture.

lecturedateTopicsAssignments, etc
1Aug 24Review of the wave equation. YF 32.1-32.2 iClicker Questions
2Aug 26Derivation of the EM wave equation from Maxwell's equations. YF 32.1-32.3 MP HW#1 Due Aug 28, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
3Aug 28Energy and Momentum in EM waves YF 32.4-32.5 MP HW#2 Due Aug 31, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
4Aug 31Standing waves; Waves, wave-fronts and Rays; Reflection and Refraction YF 32.5,33.1-33.2 MP HW#3 Due Sept 2, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
5Sept 2Total Internal Reflection, Polarization, Huygen's Principle YF 33.3-33.7 MP HW#4 Due Sept 4, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
6Sept 4Circular Polarization YF 33.5-33.6 MP HW#5 Due Sept 11, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
7Sept 9Huygen's Principle, Reflection and Refraction at a plane surface, Reflection at a spherical surface. YF 33.7, 34.1-34.2 iClicker Questions
8Sept 11Reflection and Refraction at a spherical surface, thin lenses . YF 34.2-34.4 MP HW#6 Due Sept 14, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
9Sept 14Thin Lenses, Lens maker equation. YF 34.4 MP HW#7 Due Sept 16, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
10Sept 16Cameras, the eye, magnifiers. YF 34.5-34.7 MP HW#8 Due Sept 21, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
11Sept 18Microscopes and telescopes. YF 34.8 iClicker Questions
12Sept 21Interference, two-source interference, intensity in interference patterns. YF 35.1-35.3MP HW#9 Due Sept 23, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
13Sept 23Interference in thin films, the Michelson interferometer. YF 35.4-35.5 MP HW#10 Due Sept 28, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
14Sept 25Exam 1: Chapter 32-34 Example ExamExample Exam Solutions Exam 1Exam 1 Solutions
15Sept 28Single slit diffraction. YF 36.1-36.3 iClicker Questions
16Sept 30Multi-slit diffraction, the diffraction grating. YF 36.4-36.5 MP HW#11 Due Oct 5, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
17Oct. 2X-ray diffraction, diffraction from a circular aperture. YF 36.6-36.7 iClicker Questions
18Oct. 5Michelson-Morley Experiment. Ohanian 1.6 iClicker Questions
19Oct. 7Galilean Transformations, Spacetime Diagrams. Ohanian 1.1-1.5 iClicker Questions
20Oct. 9Simultaneity, Lorentz Tranformations. Ohanian 2.1-2.3 iClicker Questions HW#12Due Wed, Oct 14, 12 pm Solutions
21Oct. 12Lorentz tranformations, the spacetime interval. Ohanian 2.3-2.4 iClicker Questions
22Oct. 14Velocity tranformations, time dilation Ohanian 2.5, 3.1 iClicker Questions HW#13Extended: Due Friday, Oct 23, 12pm. Solutions
23Oct. 19Length Contraction, Paradoxes. Ohanian 3.4-3.6 iClicker Questions
24Oct. 21Doppler shift, examples. Ohanian 3.2 iClicker Questions HW#14Due Wednesday, Oct 28, 12pm. Solutions
25Oct. 23Relativistic Momentum and Energy. Ohanian 4.1-4.3
26Oct. 26Relativity and EM fields. iClicker Questions
27Oct. 28General Relativity Ohanian Ch. 7 iClicker Questions
28Oct. 30Exam 2 (YF 35 &36, Ohanian 1-3) Practice Exam2Practice Exam2 Solutions (Prob1 fixed) Exam 2Exam 2 Solutions
29Nov. 2General Relativity Ohanian Ch. 7 iClicker Questions
30Nov. 4Black body radiation. YF 38.8 HW#15Due Wednesday, Nov 11, 12pm. Solutions iClicker Questions
31Nov. 6Photoelectric effect. YF 38.2 iClicker Questions
32Nov. 9Atomic Spectra, JJ Thomson e/m, Millikin oil drop. YF 38.3
33Nov. 11Franck-Hertz experiment, Rutherford scattering. YF 38.4MP HW#16 Due Nov 18, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
34Nov. 13Bohr Model, X-ray production, Compton scattering. YF 38.5, 38.7 iClicker Questions
35Nov. 16Lasers YF 38.6 iClicker Questions
36Nov. 18de Broglie Waves, electron diffraction, uncertainty principle. YF 39.1-39.3 iClicker Questions HW#17Due Wednesday, Nov 25, 12pm. Solutions
38Nov. 20Schroedinger Equation. YF 39.5 iClicker Questions
39Nov. 23Wave Packets, Particle in a box. Potential Wells. YF 39.5-40.1 iClicker Questions
40Nov. 25Infinite Potential Well (Particle in a box), Wave functions and normalization. YF 40.1MP HW#18 Due Dec 2, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
41Nov. 30Finite Potential Well, Tunneling YF 40.2-40.3 iClicker Questions
42Dec. 2Exam 3. Relativity: Energy/Momentum, General Relativity. YF 38-40.2. See Nov.18 iClicker for list of modern physics experiments. Practice Exam3Practice Exam3 Solutions Exam 3Exam 3 SolutionsExam 3 Revision
43Dec. 4Harmonic Oscillator,3D Problems 40.4-40.5 iClicker Questions
44Dec. 7The Hydrogen Atom, Zeeman Effect. YF 41.1-41.2 MP HW#19 Due Dec 16, 12 pm. iClicker Questions
45Dec. 9Electron Spin, Many Electron Atoms, Exclusion Principle. YF 41.3-41.4 iClicker Questions
46Dec. 11A discussion of several interesting and current physics experiments. iClicker Questions
Dec. 16Review/Study Session. PandA 1131, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Dec. 17Review/Study Session. PandA 1131, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Dec. 18FINAL EXAM. Friday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, Regner 103 Practice Exam (revised for clarity)Practice Exam Solutions Final ExamFinal Exam Solutions

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